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Evidencing the impact of the Primary PE and Sport Premium

The increase in the Primary PE and Sports Premium funding has been widely reported.  More money ‘great’ I hear you say!  But you can be sure that this comes with added responsibility.  Keeping up with the most recent changes and what you are required to do as a school is not easy. Just last week […]

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Equipping pupils for high quality PE

What’s in your PE cupboard? There is nothing I love more than a well organised, well stocked PE cupboard! Over the years, I’ve taught a lot of PE in a lot of different schools. You can tell a lot about an establishment by their PE equipment!!   One of the things I am asked most […]

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Inclement Weather PE Lessons

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you just how unpredictable our weather is these days.  It helps if you can be prepared for a ‘wet weather’ PE lesson.  Just last week I was in one of our Birmingham schools supporting a year 5 tennis lesson, many of the children had little experience with […]

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Top tips for teaching outstanding PE lessons

There is no magic bullet or fool-proof strategy to teaching outstanding PE. As Ofsted itself says, ‘There are many routes to excellence’.  Ofsted are clear, however, on what they require for a lesson to be ‘outstanding’. This article examines some of the features that should be present in your lessons to help ensure excellent teaching […]

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Stepping in to the Role of the PE Coordinator

The PE coordinator (PECO) is often seen for the young and enthusiastic primary school teacher.  Whilst there is nothing wrong with the new teacher taking this position it suggests that it is not one that warrants the time of a more senior teacher.  Whether you’re a fresh faced NQT or you’ve been on the teaching […]

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