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Year 4, Handball, Lesson 3

Learning Intentions

  1. Defining the role of circle runner
  2. Circle runner and centre working together to build attack
  3. Build attacking play in games

Skill Development: 3 man weave

Success Criteria

  1. I can describe the role of the circle runner
  2. I can play as a centre or a circle runner in a game
  3. I can play as a team to build attack

National Curriculum Links

Working collaboratively to attack a goal

Using and developing handball skills


Literacy and Numeracy Links

L  Work and communicate as a team

N What is the diameter of a circle? How might you be able to roughly measure the diameter of your circle?

Starter Activity

Circle Pass. Five or six players should form a circle approximately 5m in diameter. The circle players must try to pass the ball to each other. Add two players into the middle, these players should try to intercept the ball or knock it away. If the ball is intercepted or knocked away, the middle players swaps with the player who threw the ball. Players are not allowed to pass to the player directly next to them. Encourage players to practice all variations of passes. If the players in the middle are getting the ball to easily make the circle bigger, if they are struggling make the circle smaller.

Skill Development

3 man weave

  1. The players should get into three lines at one end of the court.
  2. The first children at the front of the three lines will be involved in the drill together so on.
  3. The player in the middle starts off with the ball. The rule is to pass the ball and go-behind the receiver. So the player passes the ball to the player on their left and they then follow their run behind the player. That player then takes three steps towards the middle and passes to the player who was on the right (and follow your pass). This process is repeated whilst on the move to the other end of the court. Once players have reached the end they should come out and walk around the outside to the back of the line.

Skill Development Diagram



5 v 3 attacking dominant game

Play on a similar set up to lesson 2 but this time on only half a court. Play with a 5 v 3 attacking dominant game.

The attacking 5 should aim to attack a goal (again without a goal keeper), trying to utilise the jump shot from lesson 2 and now also the idea of weaving and not just running in straight lines to get free for your team. The defending 3 need to try and gain possession of the ball and simply pass or use 3 steps to get back to the half way line.

When a goal is scored the attacking team start with the ball on the half way line.

The circle runner and centre are two players in handball who generally play down the centre of the court. They help build attack but the centres role is also to get back quickly to defend (similar to a C in Netball). Two players in the 5 should play the role of centre and circle runner, while the other three should fill the slots around.

Be sure to rotate the circle runner and the centre and also rotate the attacking 5 and defending 3 so all children have an opportunity to attack.

Activity Diagram


Teaching Points

① will pass to ② who will take a few steps and pass to will also take a few steps and pass to who has followed play up the court. will now continue to take a couple of steps into the middle and pass back to and so on.

  • Children must follow their pass behind the ball
  • Encourage a chest pass as the children should be relatively close together
  • Keep feet moving forwards
  • Hands ready to receive the ball
  • Try not to take more than three steps as this would be a foul in a game

Key Questions

  1. Why should you not just move in straight lines to get free for your players? (this is easy to mark)
  2. What is the role of the centre or circle runner?
  3. As a team how were you able to build attack?