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Year 5, OAA, Lesson 2

Learning Intentions

  1. Work at maximum capacity when running
  2. Follow a designated route
  3. Keep evidence of results


Success Criteria

  1. I can work with a partner to solve a problem
  2. I can push myself to run as fast as possible
  3. I can keep a record of my results


Starter Activity

Dinosaur egg challenge

  • Split the class in to pairs
  • Each pair need two hoops (bag and nest)
  • Space each pair out with 2/3 ft between them so they have space to safely run and throw
  • There should be about 15/20 m between the ‘bag’ and the ‘nest’
  • Each ‘nest’ contains 4 ‘eggs’ (balls)
  • Everyone starts at the same time, and when they have completed the task the pair should sit behind their hoop to signal they are finished

Task: The pupils must transfer the ‘eggs’ from the dinosaurs nest to their bag and back again as quickly as possible.  The only specific rule is that a player is only allowed to touch one ball at a time!

N.B. After the first attempt allow pupils some time to discuss how they would improve and test their ideas before repeating.

Extension: No throwing.  Each of the players must touch the 4 eggs on the way out and the way back.  A team may only move one egg at a time.


Teaching Points

Dinosaur eggs

  1. Will the children run in pairs and carry the balls?
  2. Will pairs split and throw the balls between them?
  3. Will some choose to roll the balls to each other?

Starter Activity Diagram


Activity 1

Control Cards

  1. Put out the 20 control point cards to form as large a square as space allows, outside is best (see diagram)
  2. Each pupil needs a blank answer card
  3. Number each side of the square 1—4
  4. All pupils start in the middle of the square, give each pupil a designated side of the square to run to first so they don’t all run to the same place
  5. When they reach a control point they should jot down the letter on their control card and move to another side of the square to the next control point
  6. Each time a pupil jots down a letter they must move to a control point on another side of the square to prevent them simply moving down the line to collect the letter
  7. Explain to pupils how to avoid bumping in to each other whilst running

Development: Working in pairs

Challenge: Put a group together as a team and they must plan how to compete in the fastest time possible as a group

Extension: How many words can the children make from the letters they have collected,  this can be done as individuals or as pairs.




Teaching Points

Control card challenge

  1. Make sure they write the correct letter in the corresponding number on their answer sheet
  2. Explain how to avoid bumping in to others, look up, watch where you are going etc
  3. Never queue up for a control card always aim for an empty one


Key Questions

  1. Was your planning effective on the dinosaur egg challenge?
  2. Can you share what worked well and what didn’t?
  3. Did you make any mistakes on the control cards challenge? If so why do you think this was?