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Month: February 2016

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Top tips for teaching outstanding PE lessons

There is no magic bullet or fool-proof strategy to teaching outstanding PE. As Ofsted itself says, ‘There are many routes to excellence’.  Ofsted are clear, however, on what they require for a lesson to be ‘outstanding’. This article examines some of the features that should be present in your lessons to help ensure excellent teaching […]

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Sport of the Month: Dance

This month’s featured activity is dance! Dance is one of the only ‘must be taught’ activities in the PE curriculum.  If dance was classified as a performing art and not PE then schools would have a choice as whether to teach it or not.  We believe all children should experience dance at school, here’s just […]

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Client Successes: School direct trainee teacher

We recently caught up with a school direct trainee teacher. Before commencing teacher training Mr Donnelly was a sports coach for a local Sports Coaching company in Birmingham and a keen sportsman. Mr Donnelly has been using the plans for 2 years now. This week, we want to share with you how The PE Hub […]

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Interesting Link: UKEdChat & Playpods

It’s Friday again! Every week we’ll share a few stories, articles, or resources that have caught our attention recently. Here’s this week’s crop: UKEdChat: We recently came across an interesting article from UKEdChat which discusses

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Stepping in to the Role of the PE Coordinator

The PE coordinator (PECO) is often seen for the young and enthusiastic primary school teacher.  Whilst there is nothing wrong with the new teacher taking this position it suggests that it is not one that warrants the time of a more senior teacher.  Whether you’re a fresh faced NQT or you’ve been on the teaching […]

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Sample PE Lesson Plans – 2!

For the past two weeks you’ve been able to access for free on The PE Hub as sample plans the following: Unit 3 Physical Literacy SOW Year 1 Hit, Catch, Run Year 6 Rounders Year 3 Gymnastics Today we are sharing Year 3 Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA) to demonstrate how assessment for learning (AFL) […]

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Interesting Links: Focus Obesity & healthy eating

It’s Friday! Every week we’ll share a few stories, articles, or resources that have caught our attention recently. Here’s this week’s crop: Jan-U-Ary: The National Obesity Forum’s Jan-U-Ary campaign encourages people to make small changes that can have big impacts on health over a lifetime. Here are some of their ideas for helping children take […]

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Sport of the Month: Swimming and Its Benefits

This month’s featured sport is swimming!  There are many benefits to teaching swimming. It may seem strange to focus on swimming in the dead of winter, but with rain and snow in the forecast, it’s a great time of year to get kids out of the usual school environment. Plus, programming a swimming unit offers […]

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Client Successes: Galley Common and Warren Farm

Schools across England as well as internationally are discovering the advantages of our PE lesson plan subscription packages. This week, we want to share with you what Galley Common and Warren Farm schools have gained since subscribing to The PE Hub. Galley Common Infants and Warren Farm primary school were early adopters of The PE […]

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Three reasons why you should include PE in your SDP

Since 1998, schools have been required to produce School Development Plans (SDPs) for each academic year. SDPs help administrators and staff focus on the aspects of their school which need the most improvement.  They give everyone in the school community the opportunity to: Share in the school’s vision of education Understand the school’s goals Understand […]

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