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Month: March 2016

pupils in a gymnastics PE lesson playing with hoops


Sport of the Month: Gymnastics

This month’s featured sport is gymnastics! I was never very good at gymnastics at school, and during teacher training, I dreaded when the time would come that I would have to teach it.  However, one week and an excellent gymnastics training course later, I love to teach gym to children of all ages. My lecturer […]

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Children in PE Lesson 2


Sample Primary PE Lesson Plans – 3

For the past two weeks you’ve been able to access for free on The PE Hub as sample plans the following: Primary PE Lesson Plans Year 5 Football Year 2 Dance Year 3 Outdoor & Adventurous Activities (OAA) Year 4 Tennis Today we are sharing Reception gymnastics, Year 2 Run, Jump, Throw, Year 4 rounders […]

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Boy Orienteering (1)


Engaging boys in PE

It might seem unusual to be writing about engaging boys in PE when the focus tends to be on keeping girls involved.  But it has long been established that girls and boys learn differently (M. Gurian, 2002) and this applies to PE lessons as well. It can be extremely useful to have a few simple […]

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The 5 principles of game play in primary school PE

There are 5 key principles of game play when it comes to attacking and defending in games.  Some games such as football take this further with 5 principles each of both attacking and defending. By familiarising ourselves with the 5 basic principles of game play in PE we can teach with a deeper understanding and […]

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Children in a gymnastics using The PE Hub PE resources


Client Success: Colmore Juniors and Chilcote School

Gaining feedback from our client schools is very important to us.   Feedback helps us to shape our service and develop the user’s experiences of our PE resources. Chilcote School and Colmore Juniors are two schools who have begun using the service over the last year. Both schools are enjoying using The PE Hub and can […]

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Children enjoying new PE activities such as ultimate frisbee


Interesting Links – Stoolball and Ultimate Frisbee, alternative PE activities

Following on from last week’s blog about the importance of engaging girls in PE, we are going to share a couple of new PE activities to try that might help you get girls more involved. Alternative PE activities One of the points we raised was how introducing a variety of sports/exercises to children at a […]

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Girls engaging in PE lesson which has exciting PE planning


Engaging girls in PE

During girls senior years of education, there is a significant drop off in their participation in PE lessons.  Furthermore, there is an even more substantial decline in participation in out of hour’s school sport.  According to the Women’s Sport and Fitness foundation by the age of 14 only 12% of girls are active enough. Girls […]

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