For the past month you’ve been able to access for free on The PE Hub as sample primary pe lesson plans the following:

Primary PE lesson plans

Today we are sharing Reception and year 5 gymnastics, year 1 invasion games, year 3 athletic activity and year 4 tag rugby.


At the PE Hub we are passionate about gymnastics and that’s why we’ve brought you 2 units for every year group!  For the next month you can feast your eyes on both reception and year 5 gymnastics lessons.

Year 1 Attack defend compete – Invasion games

Attack defend compete is our name for invasion games.  These units taught at Key Stage 1 prepare pupils for the skills they will need to play in competitive games at Key Stage 2.  We have 2 units of attack, defend, compete so is ideal to teach across an entire term.


Year 3 Athletics lesson plans

Once pupils hit Key Stage 2 they are expected to start specialising in recognised sports and activities such as athletics.  Our year 3 lesson aim to build on pupils previous learning from Run, Jump, throw units at Key Stage 1.


Year 4 Tag Rugby lesson plans

Tag rugby is increasing in popularity and we therefore it was essential to include it at every year of Key Stage 2.  All our planning works in line with the school games, so you can be certain that your pupils will know all the correct rules and tactics to take their game to the next level.

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With weather improving we turn our attention to the outdoors and activity during the school day. Pressure on schools to deliver all areas of the National Curriculum is increasing and PE time is squeezed; although not a substitute for PE, walking can be a great way to increase physical activity for your pupils! May is National Walking Month and we are going to explore different ways to incorporate walking into your daily routines.

Living Streets

Living Streets are a charity that promote everyday walking in order to not only increase the amount of people walking but also to reduce the amount of traffic on our roads. Many of us are guilty of jumping in the car to school which can lead to congestion at the school gates.  Living Streets are running ‘Walk to school week’ from 16-20 May find out how your school can get involved today!

The Daily Mile

“The aim of the Daily Mile is to improve the physical, mental, emotional and social health and wellbeing of our children – regardless of age or personal circumstances.” The Daily Mile is an innovative way of encouraging children to undertake more physical activity.  It is very easy for primary schools to set up as The Daily Mile have resources ready for schools to use. Children complete the mile in their uniforms and it takes only about 15 minutes!

The British Heart Foundation

BHF is a charity which aim to keep our hearts healthy through research into heart disease but also rehabilitation and prevention of disease through healthy eating and physical activity.  BHF have some great training programmes to support you on your way to walking further and possibly taking part in some of their walking challenges!

Do you have any innovative ways to include more walking in your day?  If so we would love to hear them and share in future blogs! Send us your ideas to