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Month: October 2017



The Primary PE and Sport Premium – Autumn 2017

It is an exciting time in PE and School Sport.  The world is waking up to the wide impact that being physically active can have on children’s lives, as a result, the primary PE and School sport premium has increased significantly. Funding levels We mentioned in our last blog that the latest and largest amount of […]

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Evidencing impact of the Primary PE and Sport Premium

The increase in the funding for PE has been widely reported.  However, do you know how you should be evidencing the impact of Primary PE and Sports Premium? More money ‘great’ I hear you say!  But you can be sure that this comes with added responsibility.  Keeping up with the most recent changes and what […]

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Three children exrercising during a PE class


Obesity in children rising globally

It’s widely acknowledged that childhood obesity is on the rise, not only nationally, but globally. Futhermore, experts identify that obese children are more likely to become obese adults.  And so it seems like this increases the risk of health problems throughout adult life. The World Health Organisation (WHO) predict a generation at greater risk of […]

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Sample PE Lesson Plans – 7

For the past month you’ve been able to access for free on The PE Hub as sample plans the following: Physical Literacy Dance Rounders Athletics Today we are sharing Reception Gymnastics, Year 2 Attack, Defend, Shoot (invasion games), Year 4 Handball, Year 5 Outdoor and Adventurous Activities and an advanced swimming lesson plan. Reception – […]

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