It is the responsibility of primary schools to teach the swimming.  The swimming attainment target states all pupils should swim confidently, competently, and proficiently over 25 metres.  There is no longer ring-fenced money for this aspect of the PE curriculum. Therefore, head teachers must fund swimming lessons from their central school budget.

National Curriculum Requirements for swimming

The guidance in the national curriculum in relation to swimming are clear and can be seen below.   Swimming and water safety – All schools must provide swimming instruction in key stage 1 or key stage 2.

In particular, pupils should be taught to:

The attainment targets should be measured and recorded by the time pupils leave in year 6.

How can your PE and Sport Premium Funding be used for swimming?

The Primary PE and Sport premium is not to be used to deliver core national curriculum requirements.  Consequently, you cannot pay for swimming lessons for your pupils.  As part of their swimming provision schools will now need to measure how many pupils can swim 25 metres and safely self-rescue.  Children that do not reach these requirements, can, however, be targetted using funding to pay for instance, additional swimming lessons or teachers professional development.

Swimming primary school curriculum – Recording and reporting data

Schools are now required to record and report on their website the figures relating to pupil progress in swimming.  You can use afPE’s website reporting tool to do this. The form covers all aspects of evidencing your use of the PE and sport premium, including your percentages of pupils swimming.

If your school needs planning to support the delivery of swimming take a look at what we do at The PE Hub.   Our swimming lesson plans and schemes of work offer support from beginners to advanced.  Also, you can also find a considerable amount of useful swimming information on the Swim England website.

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For the past few months you’ve been able to access for free on The PE Hub as sample PE lesson plans the following:

Today we are sharing Reception Physical Literacy, Year 2 Hit, catch, run (striking and fielding games), Year 4 Athletics, Year 5 rounders and a beginners swimming lesson plan.

Reception – Physical Literacy

Although you are not required to teach ‘PE’ during Reception, our focus at The PE hub is to get pupils prepared for the rigours of Key Stage 1. This is done in a relaxed, informal, and fun way.  Taking part in focused activity that helps develop children’s physical literacy is an excellent way for them to become confident.  Watch Sport Wales brilliant video that explains what physical literacy is all about!

Year 2 Hit, Catch, Run

What is hit, catch, run I hear you ask?  It’s our unit description for striking and fielding games.  At Key Stage 1, we focus on the fundamental skills needed to play striking and fielding games competently. This includes working in partners, small teams and as an individual.  We’ve made lesson 2 from Unit 1 available which covers defending a target.

Year 4 Athletics

Athletics can often be an activity area that teachers are retiscent to teach, believing it is dangerous.  Fear not, delivering athletics is exceptionally safe.  Creating the correct lesson organisation and following necessary safety precautions means pupils can develop their skills in a relaxed and safe environment.  If you want to know more about safety, check out AfPE’s Safe Practise In PE, all schools in England should have a copy for reference.

Year 5 Rounders

One of my fondest memories from school and a contributing factor in wanting to become a PE teacher was my love of playing rounders.  It is an extremely inclusive and fast-paced game which can easily be adapted to ensure everyone achieves success.  By changing the equipment or size of the pitch, the number of players or merely reducing the rules all pupils will learn to love this exciting game.  If you want further details, Rounders England have excellent courses and updates – as well as their 10 reasons to play rounders!

10 reasons to play rounders
10 reasons to play rounders

Beginners Swimming

Our swimming lesson plans are not linked to a particular year group as children’s experiences of swimming vary so widely.  We have 3 units available, beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Today we’re sharing a beginners lesson plan to show you the expectations needed of new swimmers to ensure they make good progress.  It is rewarding to take a pupil who cannot swim and get them confidently swimming widths and lengths.  However, it is also vital that we challenge children to become more swimmers and develop a love of water.  Lesson 6 looks at focusing on areas of the stroke to improve and working with a partner to develop keen observation skills.

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