For the past month you’ve been able to access for free on The PE Hub as sample plans the following:

PE Primary Plans

Today we are sharing Reception dance, year 2 run, jump, throw, year 3 badminton, year 4 tag rugby and year 6 dance.

Reception Dance Lesson Plans

At the PE Hub, we are passionate about dance as part of the PE curriculum.  We have two units of dance for every year group!  The reception dance lesson plans show activities for creating patterns. The lesson includes the teaching of traditional dance movements such as promenading with a partner. For the next month, you can feast your eyes on both reception and year 6 dance PE lessons plans.

Year 6 Dance Lesson Plan

The year 6 dance lesson plan we have shared shows a snapshot of our west side story themed unit of work.  In this plan, year 6 explore more complex themes such as live aural setting. Furthermore, teachers have an extensive range of video resources at their disposal.  See one of our dance teaching videos below.

Claps – Lesson 3 from The PE Hub on Vimeo.

Year 2 Run jump throw

Run jump throw is our name for athletic activity at Key Stage 1.  These units taught at Key Stage 1 prepare pupils for the skills they will need to participate in athletics at Key Stage 2.  We have 2 units of run, jump, throw for both years 1 and 2 therefore is ideal to teach across an entire term.

Year 3 Badminton Lesson Plan

Once pupils hit Key Stage 2 they are expected to start specialising in recognised sports and activities such as badminton.  Our year 3 lesson aims to build on pupils prior learning from send and return (net-wall games) during Key Stage 1 PE.  Badminton is a brand new sport to The PE Hub, and we will be rolling out units across key stage 2.

Year 4 Tag Rugby Lesson Plan

Tag rugby is increasing in popularity and so we knew it was essential to include it for every year of Key Stage 2.  All our planning works in line with the school games.  For that reason, you can be sure that your pupils will know all the correct rules and tactics.  Competition between self and other features in our Tag Rugby PE lesson plans, this helps prepare pupils for extracurricular activities.

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Ready to find out more?

This month’s featured sport is badminton! We have recently published our first unit of this exciting and inclusive net-wall game for year 3.  We will be adding a full complement of badminton lesson plans for the whole of key stage 2 in due course.

Develop hand-eye coordination

Hand-eye coordination is an essential skill for children to develop in their PE lessons and benefits many activity areas.  Children can master hand-eye coordination through a variety of net-wall games including tennis and racquetball; however, badminton can often be a more accessible starting point. The shuttlecocks natural flight is slower than a ball allowing more time to be hit.   This slower pace will enable children to get to grips with this fun and what can be, fast-paced sport in a manageable way.


Short handled racquets are available for children learning the sport, which are also useful for shorter pupils or pupils in wheelchairs.  The short handle means the shuttle is easier to hit as the head of the racquet is closer to the hand.  The further away it is the harder it becomes to hit.   A great way to start playing badminton during primary school PE lessons is with balloons and racquets. Pupils can play in small teams or pairs gaining points by keeping the balloon in the air.

Working cooperatively

Pupils can play badminton in pairs and groups which will help develop their cooperation skills.  There are many types of pairs games that can be played to develop cooperation such as maximum rallies to badminton ‘volleyball’ and ‘keep the kettle boiling’.


Competition doesn’t just have to be one player versus another.  Pupils can try to beat their score by hitting the shuttle or balloon into the air without dropping or teams working to keep a rally going.  Why not try this cooperative but competitive activity found in our badminton PE lessons plans with your pupils?

Rally = Unbroken returns between two or more players

Have you been teaching badminton in your school or club?   What are your experiences of this fun activity? Share them with us on Twitter @thepehub or on our Facebook page.

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