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Sport of the Month: Swimming and Its Benefits

This month’s featured sport is swimming!  There are many benefits of teaching swimming. It may seem strange to focus on swimming in the dead of winter, but with rain and snow in the forecast, it’s a great time of year to get kids out of the usual school environment. Plus, programming a swimming unit offers […]

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Client Successes: Galley Common and Warren Farm

Schools across England as well as internationally are discovering the advantages of our PE lesson plan subscription packages. This week, we want to share with you what Galley Common and Warren Farm schools have gained since subscribing to The PE Hub.  Both schools sight ensuring progress in PE as a reason for choosing The PE […]

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Three reasons why you should include PE in your SDP

Since 1998, schools have been required to produce School Development Plans (SDPs) for each academic year. SDPs help administrators and staff focus on the aspects of their school which need the most improvement.  They give everyone in the school community the opportunity to: Share in the school’s vision of education Understand the school’s goals Understand […]

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Sample PE Lesson Plans

Since we launched in September, we’ve had four lesson plan samples available for you to view, including: Reception Dance Year 2 Send and Return (net/wall games) Year 5 Hockey Intermediate Swimming Today—and every fortnight from here out—we’re going to bring you the same spread of samples from across the EYFS and primary years. But for […]

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Change your PE Lessons in 4 Steps

The STEP framework in PE was developed to support teaching and learning. Using STEP is an easy to use approach to adapting, differentiating and extending PE and sports lesson. STEP has been highly promoted over the past 10 years including being used in PE teaching resources and CPD courses.  Children use STEP when leading others […]

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