Chilcote School

Mr John Haycock, Chilcote School - PE Coordinator

The PE hub is helpful because non specialist staff can just pick up lesson plans and teach them. They only need to think of logistics not all of the ideas. Also, it has an overview of each unit so they can see the bigger picture and where they are heading. In addition, the plans set out a lesson in an easy to follow structured way that means the teachers are teaching good PE.

The PE hub has a wide range of units available that mean it is easy for schools to teach a broad and exciting PE curriculum. It offers progression in the different areas of PE. The EYFS planning is excellent and up to date (physical literacy). I like the way the lessons are structured and how they are pick up and go plans. I like that none of the lesson plans are more than 2 pages thus being succinct enough for busy teachers but still include enough detail and diagrams to help even the most under confident teacher to teach PE effectively.

The planning is easy to use and this is evident as our NQT’s have used it and been able to teach good PE lessons from it despite having little or no experience. The planning clearly identifies the skills and their application and sets out the lesson using the four part structure. The planning clearly progresses and helps teachers to build on the previous week’s lessons.

The PE hub is a fantastic resource that has the potential to evolve with any changes to the PE curriculum. It enables schools to offer a massive range of sports and teach them effectively. I think the PE hub is a resource that all school’s should have just simply because it will help teachers and make their lives a lot easier. Also, schools who are struggling to assess PE effectively and those schools whose teachers are less confident it has the tools to enable these schools to teach good PE and assess properly.

The PE hub has benefited our school by giving us clear progression between year groups. It has enabled us to offer a planned set of lessons to the EYFS something we did not have before. It has given those teachers who worry about PE an easy to use, time saving tool. It has also meant that the curriculum map for our school can offer a wide variety of sports to all year groups, avoiding too much repetition. It has made PE planning much easier for most.

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