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Sport of the Month: Badminton

This month’s featured sport is badminton! We have recently published our first unit of this exciting and inclusive net-wall game for year 3.  We will be adding a full complement of badminton lesson plans for the whole of key stage 2 in due course. Develop hand-eye coordination Hand-eye coordination is an essential skill for children […]

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Sport of the Month: Dance

This month’s featured activity is dance! Dance is one of the only ‘must be taught’ activities in the PE curriculum.  If dance was classified as a performing art and not PE then schools would have a choice as whether to teach it or not.  We believe all children should experience dance at school, here’s just […]

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Sport of the Month: Swimming and Its Benefits

This month’s featured sport is swimming!  There are many benefits to teaching swimming. It may seem strange to focus on swimming in the dead of winter, but with rain and snow in the forecast, it’s a great time of year to get kids out of the usual school environment. Plus, programming a swimming unit offers […]

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