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Client Success: Colmore Juniors and Chilcote School

Gaining feedback from our client schools is something very important to us, it helps us to shape our service and develop our user’s experiences. Chilcote School and Colmore Juniors are two schools who have begun using the service over the last year. Both schools are enjoying using The PE Hub and can see the benefits […]

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Client Successes: School direct trainee teacher

We recently caught up with a school direct trainee teacher. Before commencing teacher training Mr Donnelly was a sports coach for a local Sports Coaching company in Birmingham and a keen sportsman. Mr Donnelly has been using the plans for 2 years now. This week, we want to share with you how The PE Hub […]

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Client Successes: Galley Common and Warren Farm

Schools across England as well as internationally are discovering the advantages of our PE lesson plan subscription packages. This week, we want to share with you what Galley Common and Warren Farm schools have gained since subscribing to The PE Hub. Galley Common Infants and Warren Farm primary school were early adopters of The PE […]

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