Christmas PE activities – fun for your pupils!

Merry Christmas spelled out in children's building blocks

Our gift to you this Christmas is some simple, fun Christmas PE activities that you can play with your pupils.  Burn off some of that Christmas excitement and have a great end to the term. We look forward to you joining us on the website again in the New Year.

Christmas Warm-up

Children move around the area and respond to the calls from the teacher.

  • Christmas Cracker – make a pair (or three if an odd number of children) hold hands and lean back to make a counterbalance (see resource card here)
  • Reindeer – crawl on hands and feet
  • Santa Claus – hands on tummy calling out ‘ho ho ho.’
  • Turkey – pretend to be a turkey
  • Christmas Pudding – curl up on the floor
  • Can children think of any other Christmas things they could act out?


Christmas pictures

Split children in groups of about 5, get out as much equipment as possible and create a Christmas themed picture using the equipment. For example Santa, a sleigh, a tree, a Christmas pudding etc.


Snowball throwing practice (if you’re lucky enough to get some snow)

Split children into groups of 4 or 5. Set them up in replays. At the end of each relay team set out a snowman using hoops and cones. Give each group an even number of beanbags – as many as possible. The aim of the game to take it in turns to throw the beanbags at the snowman, the winning team is the team that get the most bean bags in the snowman’s head.


Christmas Just Dance

An easy dance that children and teachers can enjoy, and you don’t have to stand at the front teaching the steps, Santa does that for you in the Just Dance video.


Snowman and the bright star

Pick 1 or 2 children to be the ‘Snowman’ and the same number of children to be the ‘Bright Star’. Give the stars a yellow cone each and the snowmen a blue cone each. All the other children should move around the space safely. The snowman moves around the area trying to tag the other children with the blue cones, if children are tagged by snowman, then they must freeze. The star is the only way player able to unfreeze by being tagged by a yellow cone. Snowmen are not allowed to tag stars. Repeat the game but change the children who are the snowmen and the stars.

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