Illustration resources to help teach PE more confidently


When we started the PE Hub it was with one mission, to transfer ideas from our head to yours!  On March 1st I’m heading back in to the school where I was first given the idea for The PE Hub.  I was delivering athletics CPD for primary teachers and at the end I was asked where to get hold of ‘my plans’.  Well I didn’t have any plans! I used my experience and previous learning to shape each session so I would plan as and when needed.  I asked the teachers what they wanted, and their answer was what is now, The PE Hub.  A key feature of the PE hub is our teaching resource cards which now feature brand new illustrations.

Adding Value

When Sammy and I started our subscription service for schools we knew it was essential that we always added value, year on year.  We ask for feedback and are committed to bringing teachers, PE coordinators and senior management what you want.  We work hard to write and deliver new content in the form of units of work and launched our latest this week, Year 2 dance Unit 2.  But we also know the resources that support these PE lesson plans are equally important.

Brand New Illustrations

We’ve been working closely with an illustration company to create 52 new pictures for the website.  These will replace the photos we currently have.  What benefits do these illustrations have over our current photos?

  1. Clearer and more accurate depiction of skills and positions
  2. Cheaper reproduction costs – we want you to use the pictures and our simple line drawn format will reduce ink costs for printing and photocopying
  3. Easier for us to respond to specific requests – for example if we receive repeated requests we can commission specific images to meet demand
How you can use the illustrations
  • Sharing/modelling and demonstrating what good and correct positioning is
  • Prompt cards for pupils/self-assessment
  • Decoration and display
  • Tool for questioning
  • To compliment other resources you’ve found – I love to show children Getty Images as they take such beautiful photos of a wide and diverse variety of sports and activities

We will be uploading the illustrations over the next week or so and will contact all subscribers to let you know when they are available.  If you’re not yet a subscribero get your school set with AfPE approved PE lesson plans and resources.

Enter your details to receive information on how we work with schools & organisations like yours. Or if you have a question, either contact us or fill out the form below. 

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