Interesting Links: Focus Obesity & healthy eating

It’s Friday! Every week we’ll share a few stories, articles, or resources that have caught our attention recently. Here’s this week’s crop:

Jan-U-Ary: The National Obesity Forum’s Jan-U-Ary campaign encourages people to make small changes that can have big impacts on health over a lifetime. Here are some of their ideas for helping children take part in the change to healthier eating that might be useful for teachers and families.

NHS LiveWell: How often should the under-fives exercise, and what form should it take? Find answers from medical experts here at the NHS LiveWell site. This includes some ideas for getting kids active and the dangers of being too sedentary.

Youth Sport Trust: The YST is a great resource for PE teachers and other adults who care about keeping kids active in a healthy way. Their latest infographic on child obesity shows that we PE and fitness teachers have our work cut out for us. The YST offer a variety or resources that can by schools or parents to improve children’s diets and physical activity levels. Some of these can be found here!

West Sussex County Times: Finally, here’s an amazing story about Steyning Grammar School PE teacher and hockey coach Wendy Russell, who won the 2015 ‘Disability Coach of the Year Award’ at the Sports Coach UK Awards this past December. Russell began the UK’s first deaf hockey team—even developing a hockey-specific sign language!

We hope you find these stories enjoyable and informative as you head into the weekend. Enjoy your days off—and if you haven’t already sorted your PE lesson plans, we can help with that.

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