Sample Primary PE Lesson Plans – 2

For the past two weeks you’ve been able to access for free on The PE Hub as sample plans the following:

Primary PE Lesson plans

  • Unit 3 Physical Literacy SOW
  • Year 1 Hit, Catch, Run
  • Year 6 Rounders
  • Year 3 Gymnastics

Today we are sharing Year 3 Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA) to demonstrate how assessment for learning (AFL) can work in this exciting activity. AFL is just as important in PE as other subjects. We will cover this in more depth in a future Blog post.

Year 3 – OAA Lesson Plan

OAA can be one of the most rewarding activity areas to teach, so with good planning and preparation your pupils will discover new ways to problem solve.  In today’s sample we are sharing Lesson 1 from our Key stage 2 primary PE SOW.  This PE lesson contains 2 assessment for learning tasks.  These tasks encourage pupils work together to solve problems and improve their performance.

Year 1 – Dance Lesson Plan

In Year 1 Dance Unit 1 we explore the story of Penguin Small and the movie Happy Feet.  Penguin Small is last penguin at the North Pole who struggles to follow his friends south, whilst Happy Feet tells the tale of a young penguin that cannot sing.

We touch on a variety of compositional ideas including the use of formations, solo and levels.  Take a look at our sample dance Year 2 Lesson.

Year 5 – Football Lesson Plan

Football is extremely popular in the UK and most children will have experience of playing.  We have developed our plans with this in mind and they cater for progress at all levels. Year 5 football Lesson 3, looks at passing on the move and encouraging pupils to run with the ball.

There’s more!

This fortnight we have also included a Year 4 Tennis Sample Lesson which explores the development of the forehand shot and a Unit 5 Physical Literacy Lesson which follows the unit theme of manipulating objects and greater coordination.

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