Interesting Links – Stoolball and Ultimate Frisbee, alternative PE activities

Children enjoying new PE activities such as ultimate frisbee

Following on from last week’s blog about the importance of engaging girls in PE, we are going to share a couple of new PE activities to try that might help you get girls more involved.

Alternative PE activities

One of the points we raised was how introducing a variety of sports/exercises to children at a younger age is vital in helping them find an activity they love. The This Girl Can website has a vast variety of sports and exercises that could be introduced to all children that include lots of sports not often played in primary schools.


Stoolball is an inclusive striking and fielding game similar to twenty20 cricket also it can be played by anyone. Stoolball England has a schools starter guide which introduces teachers to a set of simple rules to start playing stoolball in their school.

Ultimate frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is another growing sport that can be very engaging for children and adults alike. Ultimate Frisbee has lots of similar qualities to other games, for example; when you have the disc you cannot move, and you score by catching the disc in an end zone. I like how children can transfer some skills but also learn new skills in an exciting sport.

Ultimate Frisbee has also paired up with Matalan Sporting Promise to try and engage children in sports like Ultimate Frisbee to lessen the drop off of children becoming disengaged with mainstream sports.

If you have any suggestions for sports you would like to see on The PE Hub, we would love to hear from you.

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