Client Success: Colmore Juniors and Chilcote School

Gaining feedback from our client schools is very important to us.   Feedback helps us to shape our service and develop the user’s experiences of our PE resources.

Chilcote School and Colmore Juniors are two schools who have begun using the service over the last year. Both schools are enjoying using The PE Hub and can see the benefits to staff and pupils. Click here to see the full testimonials.

Some of the common things identified from both schools were:

Ease of use of our PE resources

Both Colmore Juniors and Chilcote have recognised that the ease of use of the site and the planning is something they both like.

  • “The planning is easy to use; this is evident as our NQT’s have used it and been able to teach good PE lessons from it despite having little or no experience”. Mr Haycock, Chilcote School.
  • “All our staff really love The PE Hub planning, finding it easy to use and very informative. It has helped increase teachers’ confidence, and the children are really enjoying the lessons too.” Mrs Marshall, Colmore Juniors.

Additional Resources

We have many other resources on the site to help teachers in the delivery of the lessons, such as pictures of specific skills that can be used as a visual for the teacher.  Pictures and plans can be printed and used to help the children. Furthermore, all music and videos needed for teaching are easy to download.

“Including resources and music are really helpful, as teachers know everything is there ready.” Mrs Marshall, Colmore Juniors.

Above all, both Colmore Juniors and Chilcote are keen to offer broad and exciting curriculums to their children, and The PE Hub is helping them achieve this through the range of PE resources we provide.

Chilcote School

“The PE hub has a wide range of units available that mean it is easy for schools to teach a broad and exciting PE curriculum. It offers progression in the different areas of PE. The EYFS planning is excellent and up to date (physical literacy)… The PE hub has benefited our school by giving us a clear progression between year groups. It has enabled us to offer a planned set of lessons to the EYFS something we did not have before. It has given those teachers who worry about PE an easy to use, time-saving tool. It has also meant that the curriculum map for our school can offer a wide variety of sports to all year groups, avoiding too much repetition.” Chilcote School

Do you already use the PE Hub? We would love to hear your experiences or write about them in one of our blog posts or if you have any questions. Please get in touch with us via

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