Sample Primary PE Lesson Plans – 3

For the past two weeks you’ve been able to access for free on The PE Hub as sample plans the following:

Primary PE Lesson Plans

  • Year 5 Football
  • Year 2 Dance
  • Year 3 Outdoor & Adventurous Activities (OAA)
  • Year 4 Tennis

Today we are sharing Reception gymnastics, Year 2 Run, Jump, Throw, Year 4 rounders and a Year 6 Tag Rugby lesson.

Reception – Gymnastics Unit 1 Lesson 5

Although there is no requirement for schools to offer official ‘PE’ lessons in Reception, it can be a great opportunity to introduce pupils physical activity in a more formal way, preparing them for Key Stage 1 learning.  We cover 3 activity areas only The PE Hub, Physical Literacy, Gymnastics and Dance which support the Early Years framework for Physical Development.

Year 2 – Run, Jump, Throw Unit 1 Lesson 2

At Key Stage 1 pupils are still learning the fundamental skills needed to access more organised physical activity such as athletics and tag rugby.  At KS1 we have split these activity areas in to their specific types for example Run, Jump, Throw is a prequel to teaching athletic activity.

Year 4 – Rounders Year 4 Lesson 2

At times it feels like spring is in the air!! Except when you wake up to a hard frost like his morning!!  However, with the inevitable change of season upon us this means striking and field games are back on the agenda.  Rounders can be extremely inclusive simply by making equipment changes with children of all abilities being able to play side by side.

For more support on delivering rounders in your school visit the Rounders England website or sign up for our lesson planning service today.

Year 6 – Tag Rugby Lesson 1

Tag Rugby is on the competition calendar of the school games so it makes sense to start teaching it in curriculum time.  There are also many opportunities for children to link to clubs outside of school time through organisations such as England Touch.

Our lesson plans guide teachers through all the skills and rules of the games so no previous experience is necessary.

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