Sample PE Lesson Plans – 7

For the past month you’ve been able to access for free on The PE Hub as sample plans the following:

  • Physical Literacy
  • Dance
  • Rounders
  • Athletics

Today we are sharing Reception Gymnastics, Year 2 Attack, Defend, Shoot (invasion games), Year 4 Handball, Year 5 Outdoor and Adventurous Activities and an advanced swimming lesson plan.

Reception – Gymnastics

Although teaching ‘PE’ is not required in Reception, our focus at The PE hub is to get pupils prepared for the rigours of Key Stage 1 but in a relaxed, informal, and fun way.  Taking part in gymnastics is a great way for children to become confident in their own bodies, gain essential balance and coordination skills and generally learn through play activities.

Year 2 Attack, Defend, Shoot

What is attack, defend, shoot I hear you ask?  It’s our unit description for invasion games.  We focus on the fundamental skills needed to competently play invasion games including working in partners, small teams and as an individual.  We’ve made lesson 3 available which covers working as a team to keep possession of a ball and sending a ball accurately.

Year 4 Handball

If you’ve never played Handball before don’t let that put you off having a go at teaching it!  Our lesson plans guide you through the rules, positions, skills and drills you will need to introduce pupils to this exciting game.  We’ve shared lesson 3 which investigates the role of the ‘circle runner’ and their pivotal role in the game.

Year 5 Outdoor and adventurous activities (OAA)

Let’s be honest teaching outdoor education can be a bit of a faff!  Who has time to create all the resources needed to teach this activity to an outstanding level?  Well we do!  Whether its score cards, control points, pictures, or map icons, it’s all there ready for you, simply print and laminate and you’re set!  Check out our Year 5 lesson 2 which focuses on following routes and recording accurate information.  OAA doesn’t mean children are not raising their heart rates, all our outdoor education lesson gets the blood pumping; working both mind and body!

Advanced Swimming

Our swimming lesson plans are not linked to any particular year group as children’s experiences of swimming vary so widely.  We have 3 units available, beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Today we’re sharing an advanced lesson plan to show you the high expectations needed of more experienced swimmers to ensure they too make good progress.  It is really rewarding to take a pupil who cannot swim and get them confidently swimming widths and lengths, however, it is also vital that we challenge more capable swimmers.  Lesson 9 looks at focusing on areas of the stroke to improve and working with a partner to develop keen observation skills.

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