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For the past month, you’ve been able to access;

Primary PE lesson plans

  • Reception cooperate and solve problems, Unit 1 Lesson 2
  • Year 3 Outdoor Education Lesson 5
  • Year 1 Gym, Unit 1 Lesson 3
  • Year 5 cricket Lesson 2

Today we are sharing our sample primary PE lesson plans in a new way; to celebrate the start of Wimbledon this week we are sharing 5 tennis lesson plans across the range of year groups.

Year 2 – Send and Return

Send and return is our name for Net/Wall games.  At Key Stage 1 we focus on children developing the fundamental skills to specialise in specific sports.  During ‘send and return’ we explore skills such as tracking a ball in flight, sending an object over a net and using hands and racquets to control objects in flight.  We’ve shared lesson 5 from Unit 1 which introduces the proper way to grip a tennis racquet and fun games to develop racquet control.

Year 3 Tennis Lesson Plan

We’ve made lesson 4 available which covers approaching a ball on the forehand to return.  This can be done using a racquet or simply the hand if the pupil is still developing their hand-eye coordination.

Year 4 Tennis Lesson Plan

We’ve shared Year 4 lesson 5 in which pupils get to work together to attempt to play as a pair.  Pupils are encouraged to use communication skills to work together and to try and improve their play.

Year 5 Tennis Lesson Plan

As our tennis units progress they become more sophisticated looking at the skills needed to perform specific shots.  In Year 5 lesson 2 pupils practise the steps required to complete a volley shot and then work with a partner to apply this skill in a simple activity.

Year 6 Tennis Lesson Plan

By now children should have received a good grounding in the basics of tennis and be looking to use their knowledge to apply more complex tactics in game situations.  Lesson 1 is an Assessment for Learning lesson where pupils are encouraged not only to score points but to work with a partner to defend.

To find out more about Wimbledon visit their website which has all the information on fixtures, players and the all-important weather!!!

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