The Euros are coming!

With one day left until the opening ceremony of UEFA Euro 2016, we think schools benefit from embracing the beautiful game.  Sammy and I were discussing our memories of watching international sporting events at school and what a great experience it was for us.  With football being one of the UK’s most popular sports millions will be glued to the TV over the next few weeks.

Watching football in schools

Some of the schools we work with will be showing next week’s England v Wales game during school time.  With all the home nations but Scotland competing this summer, it’s set to be an exciting few weeks.  You can follow all the group stage games through the BBC European Championships page which has the schedule for all the group stage games.

With pressure on schools to hit the cornerstone subject targets of literacy and numeracy, why would we watch our nation’s favourite sport during school time?

Create memories

Celebrating or commiserating with your friends and teachers!  What a great way for pupils to see another side to their peers and their staff.


Not all children will have the chance to see live sport at home, so this is a wonderful way to extend sport for all pupils.


Discussing how the home nations make up Great Britain and Ireland through football is a wonderful way to start a greater dialogue.   It is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to discuss why old rivalries exist and some of the historical features of our country’s past.

Furthermore, staff cannot wait to have a little punt on who will win!  For many schools, it’s traditional to run a sweepstake.  So act quickly there’s only one day left to pick the winning team!  I got Belgium in our office sweepstake, which I’m reliably informed are ‘quite decent’!

We’d love to hear how your school has celebrated this sporting event; you can email us or share via our twitter @thepehub

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