Client Successes: School direct trainee teacher

We recently caught up with a school direct trainee teacher. Before commencing teacher training Mr Donnelly was a sports coach for a local Sports Coaching company in Birmingham. Mr Donnelly has been using the primary PE SOW for 2 years now. This week, we want to share with you how The PE Hub has helped Mr Donnelly so far during his teacher training.

Confidence in teaching PE

As mentioned Mr Donnelly has a lot of experience teaching physical education but he still feels The PE Hub has helped to support him in many ways. “The PE Hub is still very useful for somebody confident in PE because there are still areas of the curriculum I am not confident in e.g. dance…the steps.  The differentiation’s and progressions make a unit a lot less scary to teach.  Having a primary PE scheme of work has been hugely helpful”.

Time Saver

As we are all aware and as mentioned in a previous blog time is very precious to all teachers. Having access to a primary PE SOW has helped Mr Donnelly to save time by providing the basis of all his physical education planning.

“The PE hub plans tells you how many there should be in a group, how much space you need for a particular activity and what resources you need before every lesson, all you have to do then is deliver the session. It takes the stress of all the peripheral issues from PE lessons and allows you to focus on what matters the most: teaching PE.”

Favourite parts of the primary pe SOW

Mr Donnellys favourite parts of The PE Hub are:
“The colour system; this makes it easier to move between units within sports to whatever is suitable for a particular group. The overviews; each unit has an overview stating the lesson objectives for each lesson, resources needed, key vocabulary and links to the national curriculum. This is a great document to quickly look over, look at medium term plans to ensure this unit is the correct unit for your class. The plans; each plan is written in a very simple format and easily are readable. The website is very easy to navigate, colours and years are easily displayed sending to print is very clear and it is just extremely easy to use.”
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