Colour System

The PE Hub colour system has been designed to promote the principle of teaching to pupils’ current ability and their readiness to learn new skills.  The colour systems covers PE teaching lesson plans and schemes of work from Reception through KS1 and KS2. It is useful to know where pupils fair against others their age, as was highlighted in the previous national curriculum, but we value an approach that is more child centred.

Instead of assuming all children of the same age have the same physical education experience we encourage teachers to use the PE schemes of work and lesson plans in a way that suits their individual class. Each colour has a designated year group as guidelines for teachers to use as a starting point when selecting a unit for their class.

Each of our schemes has an assessment for learning activity which teachers can use to gauge the current level of their pupils’ attainment and decide whether the scheme will be suitable or if they need to choose a less or more challenging unit.

Throughout a year a teacher may find they teach a range of activity areas from 2 or 3 different coloured strands. What is important is that children are making progress each lesson and throughout the unit of work. The colour system is linear it can also be used by teachers to show pupils visually what level they are working at in each activity area.

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The colour system is linked to key stages and year groups, therefore, some elements of the lessons such as questioning, number of teaching points and numeracy and literacy links will be aimed at that approximate age group. Teachers must feel free to adapt these areas to suit the ability of their pupils, whilst still maintaining the context of the lesson.

For example there may be pupils in year 2 (Green) that could benefit from the activities in the Physical Literacy lesson plans designed for Reception PE Lessons (Pink). The skills and games ideas in the lesson plan will be extremely relevant but the questioning may need some refining to support year 2 pupils further development.

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