About Us

Physical education plays a critical role in developing well-rounded, healthy children and young people.

As a teacher, you have the opportunity to set children up for lifelong enjoyment of games, athleticism, and activity while also helping them grow their social and cooperation skills, self-evaluation, and goal-setting abilities. As a teacher, you also have the right to enjoy your job and grow your career. We aim to empower you to teach lessons that are more enjoyable and memorable for your pupils and for you.

By supporting you with the knowledge, resources and tools you need to master PE lesson delivery—and by constantly evolving the services and materials we offer—we aim to help elevate PE to a more central place in schools and in the national curriculum. That’s what we mean by moving PE forward.

Our Story

The PE Hub is leading the way as the trusted source of PE knowledge in the market. Our library of pre-planned lessons and films are designed to support anyone wanting to teach PE better. We eliminate time consuming planning, make PE lesson mastery easier to achieve, and create more engaging and rewarding lessons for pupils.

Teachers often have the skills, but don’t have the time or resources to deliver outstanding PE. Teachers should not be held back by the poor provision of resources available. Teachers have the right to enjoy their teaching careers.

With each school or teacher that joins our community, our hub grows stronger. It’s an information hub that has the potential to move the educational sector forward. Together we will make PE a core subject and an essential part of our national curriculum.

Join us on our journey to realise your teaching potential and to change
in the way PE is delivered in schools every day