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What is assessment for learning in PE?

What is assessment for learning in PE (AFL) and how can you use it to support your pupils progress?  AFL is an assessment process used in all subject areas but lends itself very well to PE.  Assessment for learning is formative by nature and therefore involves specific processes to be truly effective. Features of formative […]

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Example lesson plans for physical education

For the past month, you’ve been able to access example lesson plans for physical education. Recent example lesson plans Year 6 dance Year 2 athletics (Run, Jump, Throw) Year 3 badminton Year 4 tag rugby Today we are sharing example lesson plans for physical education that include reception ‘Cooperate & solve problems’, Year 3 outdoor […]

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How to teach a good PE lesson

Children running around with smiley happy faces does not make a PE lesson good.  I was told this while shadowing an observation of a primary colleague.  This statement is something I’ve reflected on many times. Teaching a good PE lesson is as refined as any subject,  but is not a mystery.  This blog will look […]

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Sample PE Lesson Plans – 9

For the past month you’ve been able to access for free on The PE Hub as sample plans the following: PE Primary Plans Reception – Body Management Year 2 – Hit, Catch, Run (striking & fielding skills) Year 4 – Athletics Year 5 – Rounders Beginners – Swimming Today we are sharing Reception dance, year […]

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Sport of the Month: Badminton

This month’s featured sport is badminton! We have recently published our first unit of this exciting and inclusive net-wall game for year 3.  We will be adding a full complement of badminton lesson plans for the whole of key stage 2 in due course. Develop hand-eye coordination Hand-eye coordination is an essential skill for children […]

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