Benefits of Subscription

Why choose The PE Hub?

When you choose to subscribe to the PE Hub, you’re choosing to do more than just access a library of unique, fun PE lessons for young learners. You’re choosing a planning partner with the resources and knowledge to help you master PE lesson delivery at every level.

We’re a Comprehensive PE Planning Resource

In addition to our extensive lesson plan base, we provide videos and flashcards with skill teaching tips and to help you keep up with the latest in PE through our blog and newsletter.

Constantly Evolving with Schools, Teachers, and Policy

Your subscription doesn’t just give you access to a static set of lesson plans—we’re constantly adding to and revising our materials to reflect the latest policy, trends, and best practices for primary PE. We also love to learn and add new skills, games and activities!

Direct Links to the National Curriculum

We streamline your planning process by designing each lesson to link to National Curriculum guidelines, including numeracy and literacy.

24/7, Unlimited Use with Any-Device Accessibility

All staff at schools can access their subscription materials at any time of day via a shared login. Lesson plans, flashcards, skill sheets and other resources are all designed to be printable and viewable from any tablet, phone, desktop or laptop.

We Add Value to Your Lesson Planning

Our content library includes optional printables, skill demonstration videos, music and tools for planning competitions and tournaments—tools that can help you create a positive culture around physical activity that extends beyond the classroom.

Ready, Steady, Go!

Get access to engaging, simple-to-use primary PE lessons and resources—contact us to enquire about subscribing today.