Reception PE Lesson Plans and schemes of work

Infants PE Lesson Plans

The PE Hub reception lesson plans and schemes of work have been designed primarily for Foundation Stage and reception PE teaching with a focus on the fundamentals of movement including agility, balance and coordination. Reception PE lesson plans and schemes of work (SOW) include dance, gymnastics and physical literacy. The Physical Literacy schemes of work are broken down in to 6 week overviews with different themes such as ‘Balance, flexibility and body management’ and ‘Speed, agility, travel’.

All reception PE lesson plans and SOW support the Early Years Framework for Physical Development providing opportunities for children to be active and interactive; to develop their coordination, control and fundamental movement. The PE plans are designed to prepare pupils to access the PE National curriculum when they enter year 1. Although written for Reception and Foundation Stage, The PE Hub reception lesson plans are also suitable for Key Stage 1 teaching where pupils’ require further development.

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