Year 2

Year 2 PE Lesson Plans

KS1 PE Lesson Plans & Schemes of Work

Building on Year 1, pupils will increase their range of actions in gymnastics and dance as well as mastering basic movements in games. Built in to every unit is assessment for learning. Each lesson plan includes skill development, conditioned games and/or activities and tools for questioning and further thinking.  Year 2 continues to deliver competition in supportive and positive ways as well as allowing for opportunities to develop agility, balance and coordination further.

Our unique take on developing PE skills in a progressive manor have given to teaching the key principles of games in the following ways:

  • Attack, defend, shoot – Pupils build their competencies ready for invasion games such as hockey and netball at Key Stage 2.
  • Hit, catch, run – Pupils to experience striking and fielding skills & games such as retrieving balls, catching and hitting in to space ready for more formal games such as cricket and rounders at Key Stage 2.
  • Run, jump, throw – Involves a wide range of fun skills, drills and games focusing on agility, balance and coordination in isolation and combination in preparation for athletics at Key Stage 2.
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