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Beginners, Swimming Lesson 4

Learning Intentions

  1. Place face in the water and hold breath for several seconds
  2. Submerge face and splash water on the face
  3. Skill Development: Face in water, submerging

Success Criteria

  1. I can hold my breath
  2. I can hold my breath and put my face in the water
  3. I tried to put my head underwater

National Curriculum Links

Follow instructions and replicate movements

Literacy & Numeracy Links

L Describe what is like when putting face/head in the water
N Able to count how long they can hold their breath and look to improve

Starter Activity

Simon Says

With all the swimmers in space and facing the teacher take them through some ‘Simon Says’ activities, this should include things they have done in previous weeks. The objective of Simon Says is to get participants to replicate movements or actions that ‘Simon Says’ e.g. bounce in the water, lie on your back etc. However, the teacher can try and catch the participants out by issuing instructions without saying ‘Simon Says’ beforehand. You may wish to include:
1) Hop 2) Bounce 3) Tuck shape 4) Star shape 5) Straight shape 6) Step to the right/left 7)Lie on back/front etc. Extension: Introduction to the main part of the lesson can they splash their face, splash others


Egg splash
Each swimmer has an egg if there are not enough to go around share with a partner. If you do not have access to flipping eggs, any small floating object will do such as a rubber duck or small ball

  1. Everyone starts on one side of the pool with their egg/object
  2. Using hands to splash water behind the egg move the egg to the other side of the pool
  3. Hands must not come in contact with the water

Extension: Blowing the egg/object from one side of the pool to the other

Skill Development

Putting face in the water

  1. At the side ask children to hold their breath can they count in their head how long they can hold their breath?
  2. Whilst holding breath can they count to 3 then slowly release their breath
  3. Transfer to pool—ask children to hold their breath, then moving just their chin and lips under the water, can they blow bubbles
  4. Pretend they are a speedboat, fishing boat, a cruise ship can they hum or make boat noises while blowing their bubbles

Face Painting Activity

  1. Pair children up and ask them to pretend to paint each others face encourage them to think of the different colours they would use for different parts of the face, e.g. lips and eyes
  2. A person who has had their ‘face painted’ then needs to wash it off by taking a deep breath and putting face in the water and washing with their hand’s

Extension: Can they paint hair and wash entire head by submerging fully?

Teaching Points

Face in water

  1. Take a deep breath before putting face in
  2. Blow out of the mouth
  3. Take face out of water before breathing in again
  4. Shut eyes to keep water out

Key Questions

  1. How long could you hold your breath?
  2. What does it feel like to put your face in the water?
  3. Why is it good to put our face in water when swimming?
  4. Why should we breath out when our face is under water?