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Beginners, Swimming Lesson 6

Learning Intentions

  1. Float in the supine position
  2. Regain to standing from supine
  3. Skill Development: Supine float, regain to standing

Success Criteria

  1. I can float on my back
  2. I can put my ears in the water when I float on my back
  3. I can stand up again after floating on my back

National Curriculum Links

Replicate a supine floating position

Literacy & Numeracy Links

L Can describe what they need to do to transfer from supine to standing
N Able to count how long they can float for and set a target to float for longer

Starter Activity

Overhead relay

Split the group into teams of 4/5 and line them up one behind the other facing the front. The swimmer at the front has a ball which they must pass over their head to the person behind, who must do the same and so on until the ball reaches the last player. When the ball reaches the player at the back, they must move as quickly as possible to the front of the line and send the ball back to repeat the process. The winning team are the ones who get their original player back to the front the quickest.
Extension: Pass the ball side to side, through legs (If confident to do so), one-handed, increase the distance between players.

Skill Development

Floating in a supine position and regain to standing
It is important that once swimmers are floating independently on front and back with no support that they can regain to their feet without support.

  1. This should first be practised initially holding on to the side as in previous lessons
  2. Move to using a float
  3. While using float ask swimmers to submerge their ears in water while keeping face out
  4. Once swimmers are confident using a float, immersing ears in the water and regaining to feet attempt without any float—they may still wear armbands—arms and legs stretched out
  5. to make a greater surface area for floating

Extension: Standing close to side can they attempt without arm bands


Pirate ship
Ask the swimmers to find a space in the pool away from others and the side but close enough to hear instructions from poolside. Issue instructions as follows:
‘Climb the rigging’ —pretend to be climbing up a rope
‘Rats on board’ – jump up, lifting feet off the ground
‘Captain’s coming’ – Stand still and salute
‘Walk the plank’ – Walk one foot in front of the other without losing balance
‘Starfish’ – float on front with face in the water
‘Water Lily’ – float on back
Introduce as many commands as the swimmers are ready.

Extension: Add in ‘north’, ‘South’, ‘East’ and ‘west’ – swimmers must move to different sides of the pool