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Reception, Cooperate & Solve Problems, Unit 1 Lesson 2

Learning Intentions

  1. Keep heart rate high and perform individual coordination skills
  2. Cooperate with a partner to move across defined areas


Success Criteria

  1. I can concentrate and follow instructions to play the starter game
  2. I can work with my partner and cross the river


National Curriculum Links

Begin to cooperate with individuals and small groups

Literacy and Numeracy Links

L   Can explain basic ideas to others

N  Can anticipate when their turn is by counting the people before them


Starter Activity

Coordination lines – Prepare the children in small groups of 4 or 5, sat behind a cone and spread across the width of the hall.

At the far side of each group place a cone which children will use as a marker to work to.

Work pupils through the following variations, some will require slower more thoughtful movement, others may be to move as fast as possible.

Each variety will increase in complexity, and you may find pupils still struggle with the concept of moving out and back and joining the back of a line.  If so, feel free to work on a few ‘walkthroughs’ to ensure pupils know what they are doing

  1. Walk out and round cone, join back of the line
  2. Run out and round cone, join back of the line
  3. Side step, right leg leading, round cone, join back of the line– alternate to left leg
  4. Walk out with ‘high knees’ round cone, join back of the line
  5. Walk out with ‘high knees’, each time right leg is raised, tap right knee with right hand, round cone, join back of the line – Alternate to left leg
  6. Walk out with ‘high knees’, repeat as above but tap each knee alternating left then right – When confident, repeat at a slow jog


Activity 1

Cross the river – See Diagram below

Part 1: Pair pupils up and give them two hoops each

Working across the width of the hall with a definite start and end point (river bank) pupils must cross the river using only the hoops to stand in.  Demonstrate the process before beginning – see diagram

  1. Both pupils start on the bank holding their two hoops, they should place the first hoop into the water, and both stand in it
  2. They then put the second hoop in front of them, both move into it and then retrieve the hoop they have just stepped out of – repeat process until they reach the far side
  3. Encourage pupils to place the hoops as close as they can so they are easy to retrieve, i.e. if pupils’ throw the hoop forward and jump into it they may not be able to reach back and collect the hoop they came from without standing in the ‘water’.

Extension – Mix up partners so pupils must work collaboratively with new people.  Increase the distance by crossing the length of the hall/playing area instead of width.

Part 2: Repeat the activity, but this time each pair has a bean bag

  1. Pupils must always throw the beanbag into the first hoop before they can move in
  2. Pupils must always collect the bean bag last before they can move on

Extension: Put 2 groups of pairs together, so there are 4 pupils and 4 hoops. Remove a hoop to increase difficulty.


Key Questions

  1. In the starter activity which activity did you get most out of breath on?
  2. In the starter activity which did you find hardest to get right?
  3. Why do we need to listen when working with others?