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Year 3, OAA, Lesson 5

Learning Intentions

  1. Identify what they need to do to complete a challenge
  2. Participate safely considering others
  3. Confidently work closely with others

Success Criteria

  1. I can decide what I need to do to help the team complete the challenge
  2. I can work safely considering others
  3. I can work closely with others and trust them

National Curriculum Links

Enjoy communicating with others

Literacy and Numeracy Links

L Recognise and replicate letters by self and with others
N Keeping track of the score in competitive activities

Starter Activity

Human Alphabet 

Pupils move around the playing area, e.g. jogging, side steps. Initially, pupils should work individually to replicate a letter called out by the teacher. Start with simple letters such o, h, s. Children can perform the shape of the letter standing or lying on the floor, which every way allows them to represent the letter best. Once pupils have got the idea, they can then perform letters on command in pairs or small groups. Extension: Groups pupils in 4s or 5s and ask them to spell simple 2 and 3 letter words

Teaching Points

Alphabet game: encourage pupils to extend limbs so the shape/characteristics of the letters are clearly defined

Over under: Pupils must know where they are in the line and keep focused so they don’t miss their turn, even when they don’t have the ball they should know exactly where it is

Pass the hoop: Encourage pupils to communicate the best way for them to receive/pass the hoop to the next person in the circle

Key Questions

  1. What skills did you need to use across all 3 activities?
  2. Can you give an example of a ‘real life’ situation where communicating effectively with others will help you?