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Year 4, Athletics, Lesson 3

Learning Intentions

  1. Use running to increase the distance of jumps
  2. Judge speed to take off a specified point
  3. Demonstrate control upon take off

Skill Development: Take off from one foot when running

Success Criteria

  1. I can take off one foot
  2. I can take off at a specified spot
  3. I can run and jump with speed and control

National Curriculum Links

To master and develop the basic techniques for jumping from 0ne to two feet

Literacy and Numeracy Links

L Explain how running can improve the distance of my jump
N Estimate and measure my run to take off on a specified spot at maximum speed

Starter Activity

On the hop

Ask pupils to balance on one leg for 5 seconds, then for 10 and then for 15 seconds repeat balancing on the other leg. Now repeat hopping on the spot first on one leg and then on the other. Using hopping and balancing on one leg and jumping in pairs play follow my leader. Change the leader frequently, so both children get the opportunity to lead.

Skill Development

To take off one foot when running
Cone Take Off— scatter cones or spot markers around the working area, ask children to move around the working area at jogging speed. When they reach a marker, they must take off one foot and jump into the air and then continue jogging to the next cone/marker.


Divide the class into groups of 5/6. Half the groups to practice the hopscotch activity and the other half to practice the three strides activity, then swap over.

Activity 1

Hop Scotch

  • Mark out a hopscotch area
  • Children simply hop and jump along the marked area several times
  • Play hopscotch—throw a bean bag into a square
  • Hopscotch to pick it up and bring it back

Activity 2

Three strides to take off

  • Place a spot marker or tape on the floor at the takeoff point
  • Children stand at take-off point and take three strides forwards place a bean bag
  • Start at bean bag run three strides
  • Take off one foot and land on two feet

Activity 3

Bring groups back together for—Run Jump Measure

  • Put a specific take-off marker on the floor
  • Children to measure their run up and place a cone at the starting point
  • Run take off one foot and land on two feet
  • Measure jump
  • Each child has three attempts best to score – add scores together to get a group score – How did your group do?

Activity 3 Diagram

Teaching Points

Jumping from one to two feet

  1. Take off one foot
  2. Plant take-off foot into the ground
  3. Extend take-off leg quickly
  4. Thrust knee of free leg forwards and upwards
  5. Swing arms forwards and upwards
  6. Head/upper body lean slightly forwards on landing
  7. Land on two feet
  8. Bend knees to absorb the landing

Key Questions

  1. How can you make sure you take off at the specified point?
  2. Does running help you jump a greater distance?
  3. How do you measure long jump?
  4. Can you offer constructive feedback to others?