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Year 5, Cricket, Lesson 2

Learning Intentions

  1. Throwing a ball for accuracy
  2. Using the short throw to run players out
  3. Positioning to catch the ball for run out in a game scenario

Skill Development: Throwing for accuracy over short distances

Success Criteria

  1. I can catch the ball consistently over a short distance
  2. I can work with teammates to run players out
  3. I can identify when to attempt to run a player out

National Curriculum Links

Select and combine skills to receive and send the ball

Literacy and Numeracy Links

L Communicate to team by calling when a run out should be attempted

N Estimate distance of runners from wickets to attempt run out

Starter Activity

Beat the ball’

Split the class into groups of 6-8; each group has one ball. One player is in the centre of the circle; they start by throwing the ball out to the players around the edge in order and receiving back, counting 1, 2, 3… to each player. The player who gets the ball on throw number 10 must throw the ball to the person to their right and run out of the circle and round the outside.  The remaining players in the ring must pass the ball around to their right in an attempt to get the ball back before the runner gets back to their original place. The runner then becomes the person in the middle and so on.

Extension: Change the types of throw e.g. one hand, left hand, bounce etc, make circle larger, impose a penalty for not beating ball back.

Skill Development

Throwing over short distances—Crossfire ball

Set the players into pairs, then put pairs into groups of 6-8. Each group needs a set of stumps which will be placed in the centre of the circle of players. It is essential that partners stand opposite each other in the ring. The aim is to hit the stumps.

  1. Overarm throw at the stumps towards partner
  2. Partner collect thrown the ball if overshoots

Extension: Increase/decrease size of the circle, rotate circle so all players can aim at stumps from all angles


Run out

Play 4 v 4. One team are fielders the other are runners. The objective is for the runners to get as many runs as possible while the fielders work to reduce their runs by hitting the stumps. If the ball hits the stumps runners runs do not count How to play the game:

Runners: The runners take it in turns to run to a crease and back making sure their bat touches the ground over the crease to score two runs.

Fielders: At one end a wicketkeeper stood behind the stumps, next to them a retriever who sends the ball back to throwing end. At throwing end a receiver who receives the ball from the batting end and who passes to a thrower who attempts to hit the stumps and stop runners.

After 3 throws each, fielders rotate and batters rest. Once every fielder has thrown 3 times swap over runners and fielders.

Purple_Cricket_Lesson 2 (b)

Key Questions

  1. How do we increase the accuracy of the throw? (step in, use lead arm)
  2. What angle is the easiest to hit the stumps? (face on)
  3. How can fielding team members work together to run a player out? (retrieve and send)