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Year 5, Rounders, Lesson 3

Learning Intentions

  1. Following the path of a bowled ball
  2. Attempting to catch a backwards hit

Skill Development: Following the path of the ball

Success Criteria

  1. I can track a ball thrown at me and be ready to hit it
  2. As a backstop, I can catch the ball once a batter has mishit it

National Curriculum Links

Using a catching technique in isolation and implementing it into a competitive game

Literacy and Numeracy Links

L Discuss why it is important for a backstop to be able to track and catch the ball

N Tracking and estimating the angle and speed of the ball off the bat

Starter Activity

‘Jail Ball’ set up 2 to 3 areas with the following game. One large game is not suitable for younger children. The objective is for one team to collect all of the opposing teams balls, without being captured and sent to jail. The game can be played over a set time e.g. 5 minutes or until one team has collected all the oppositions balls.

Purple_Rounders_Lesson 3 (a)

Starter Activity Rules

  • Players can be tagged once they enter oppositions half—if tagged they must go to jail
  • Players attack by running into the opposing teams half and attempt to steal their treasure (balls or beanbags)
  • No defenders are allowed in their own treasure hoop or jail in their own half
  • Attackers are only allowed to collect one ball per attack—attackers are safe when they are in their oppositions treasure hoop
  • When they are able, attackers must attempt to run back to their half with treasure without getting tagged—once back they should place the ball in their own treasure hoop
  • Jailed players are allowed back in the game if one of their teammates enters the jail and tags them

Skill Development

Following the path of the ball

  1. Set pupils up into groups of 4
  2. Player 1 rolls/throws the ball along the ground for player 2 to chase (set up distance cones as a guide for pupils)
  3. Player 2 fields the ball and turns to throw it back to player 3
  4. Players then rotate with 4 becoming ready to receive from the long throw, 3 moving forward to roll, 1 runs to collect and 2 is ready to catch.


Split the group into pairs and each pair has 3 bean bags each. One partner will throw each bean bag quickly and consecutively at their partner; they should throw the next bean bag once the partner has caught it and dropped it.

Allow the players to have a lot of practice in this and then move into “Zone Rounders” and award extra points to backstops who react quickly to mishit balls.

Teaching Points

  1. Knees bent, hands out ready to catch and on their toes (catching position)
  2. Follow the path of the ball
  3. Keep an eye on the ball
  4. Move both hands to the flight of the beanbag
  5. Once caught bring into the chest

Key Questions

  1. Why do backstops need quick reactions?
  2. Why do we need to be able to accurately predict the flight or path of a ball?
  3. Can everyone show me their catching position?