PE Coordinator responsibilities

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PE Coordinator responsibilities often go to the young and enthusiastic primary school teacher.  Whether you’re an NQT or you’ve been on the teaching circuit for a while, there are a few key areas to consider to understand your PE coordinator responsibilities and take your school’s PE from strength to strength.

Training for the role of the PE coordinator

There are numerous courses available for the new PECO and for a good reason.  The PE coordinator responsibilities can be overwhelming.  As well as your own development you will have to facilitate the CPD of your fellow staff, ensuring they all have access to training that will upskill them.  The school or an outside agency may deliver training.  CPD in PE is essential for all staff to ensure sustainability.


Interpreting the new curriculum for your team and signposting to effective PE schemes of work and resources is one of the PECO’s significant responsibilities.  Choosing the right PE resources for your staff can support all PE teaching to be good.  Furthermore, it will also help teachers feel supported and secure in what they are delivering.  Pupils’ learning the curriculum is a focus of the new inspection framework, so selecting high-quality resources and schemes to support curriculum delivery can have a considerable impact on pupil progress.


Being an effective PE lead mainly comes down to organisational skills! You will have curriculum planning, fellow teachers and possible specialist coaches to manage.  Also, you will also need to schedule clubs, hall space and transport to and from fixtures.  You may even bear the responsibility of Risk Assessments and off-site plans.  If this is the case ensure you are fully supported to do so by your senior leadership team and receive the correct training.  You can find great information on this subject on AfPE’s website including The Safe Practice In PE handbook.


PE leaders often find themselves managing the Primary PE and Sport Premium Funding. Spending in line with your school’s sports premium targets and budgeting for the year can be a big responsibility.  School’s often support their PECO’s in the management of this funding to ensure effective use.

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