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Primary PE Assessment

Primary PE Assessment

Assess the new PE curriculum

The PE Hub Primary PE assessment resource allows teachers to effectively assess pupils without using levels; our framework is a flexible resource designed to be easily tailored to the needs of individual schools. With links to Assessment For Learning (AFL) that run through all our schemes of work and PE lesson plans, the assessment framework shows pupils achievement in a progressive way.

Our PE Assessment document is a high quality resource that helps teachers monitor and record pupil progress across all programmes of study from reception to year 6. All assessment is formative with judgments of pupils’ progress falling in to 3 categories:

  • Not achieved
  • Working towards
  • Achieved

Teachers can use the AFL built in to the schemes of work and lesson plans to help track pupil progress; from this schools can choose to assess half termly/termly/per activity area/ whole classes or a sample of pupils; our framework is entirely flexible to suit your school’s needs.

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