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Competition Planner

Competition Planner

The competition planner is an excellent resource to use during your competition PE lessons as well as during intra-house, sports days and other competitions with multiple team entries. The competition planner is designed to help organise round-robin style activities where all teams must play one another. In the planner you can input the number of teams e.g. 5 and the amount of playing areas e.g. 3 pitches and the planner will tell you which team plays which and on what playing area. The competition planner is designed to compliment our PE lesson plans which feature opportunities for competition throughout.

The purpose of the planner is to allow teachers (and pupils!) to quickly and easily organise multiple teams without errors. The planner will help improve the organisation and timings of your school’s competitions. The document is so easy to use pupils can be put in charge of organising fixtures.

The modified games which feature in our PE lesson plans and schemes of work have been written with Sainsbury’s School Games in mind, following a similar format to support children to participate in intra and inter-school competition.

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