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The PE Hub lesson plans have been designed to promote the principle of teaching to pupils’ current ability and their readiness to learn new skills and build on previous learning.  With a full range of resource support from Reception through to KS1 and KS2.

Lesson Plans

The PE Hub’s vision is to offer a whole school solution for preparedness to teach high quality PE and school sport.  Each of the lesson plans featured on The PE Hub is unique with a wide variety of features to ensure high quality teaching and learning.

Schemes of Work

The PE Hub  schemes of work have been designed to give a medium term overview in each activity area. Most of the units covered by the SOW last 6 weeks with the exception of swimming which is 12.   The schemes of work include: Expected previous learning, Unit learning focus, Literacy and numeracy links, Assessment for learning tasks, Recommended equipment and Key vocabulary.

Lesson Intentions

Designed for teachers to direct the content of the lesson; the learning intentions outline the content of the session and act as a guide for teaching. Each intention is given clear links to learning activities throughout the lesson.

Success Criteria

Designed specifically to help pupils recognise their own progress and success. The success criteria are used at the start of the lesson to establish with the pupils what they will be learning.  Regular opportunity to review throughout the lesson helps students recognise success.

Numeracy and Literacy Links

Giving pupils opportunities to apply their numeracy and literacy skills in a practical way helps reinforce cross-curricular learning. Each of the links has been written to easily integrate in to the practical nature of a PE lesson. Activities include calculating scores, estimating distances and using appropriate language for activity.

Skill Development

Ofsted’s recommendations for PE highlighted the teaching of skill as a clear development area for much of the teaching of PE; each PE Hub lesson plan has a skill development section with teaching points to guide the teacher’s instruction. Skills may be taught before, during or after the main learning activity depending on the lesson context. In addition to the teaching points many of the skills have associated resource cards with pictures which can be used to support demonstrations and also allow for independent learning.


Each activity has been designed specifically to meet the criteria of the learning intentions. These activities may come in the form of conditioned or modified games or sequence building to either reinforce the skill development or to introduce the skill that is about to be taught. At The PE Hub we support the ‘whole part whole’ teaching of skills and activities whereby the skill or activity is shown in its entirety and pupils given the opportunity to have a go before being broken down in to its constituent parts. This method gives pupils an idea of how the skill or activity should be carried out before being shown how to make improvements and allowed to try again.

National Curriculum Links

Each lesson is linked directly to the national curriculum demonstrating where it fits in with the relevant programme of study i.e. key stage 1 or 2 and its subject content.

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