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Example lesson plans for physical education

Example lesson plans for physical education


Example lesson plans for physical education

For the past month, you’ve been able to access example lesson plans for physical education.

Recent example lesson plans

  • Year 6 dance
  • Year 2 athletics (Run, Jump, Throw)
  • Year 3 badminton
  • Year 4 tag rugby

Today we are sharing example lesson plans for physical education that include reception ‘Cooperate & solve problems’, Year 3 outdoor education, Year 1 gymnastics, Year 5 cricket and beginners swimming.

Reception cooperate and solve problems

Our latest resource for reception and key stage 1 is ‘cooperate and solve problems.  This scheme of work introduces the idea of pupils learning self-reliance.  It also guides children in working effectively together to complete tasks through which they improve communication.

Swimming for beginners

Our swimming lesson plans are not linked to a specific year group; we know children’s experiences of swimming vary widely.  We have 3 units available, beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Today we’re sharing a beginners swimming lesson plan to show you the level of expectation needed to get none swimmers, swimming.  It is gratifying to take a pupil who cannot swim and get them confidently swimming widths and lengths.  Lesson 4 looks at pupils’ gaining confidence by putting their face in the water.

Year 3 Outdoor and adventurous activities (OAA)

We make teaching outdoor education simple!  We’ve created all the scorecards, control points, pictures, or map icons you could ever need. Just print and laminate and you’re set to go!  Check out our Year 3 lesson 5 which focuses on working well together and being considerate of others.  OAA doesn’t mean children are not raising their heart rates; all our outdoor education lesson gets the blood pumping; working both mind and body!

Year 1 Gymnastics

At the PE Hub, we are passionate about gymnastics, and that’s why we’ve brought you two units for every year group!  For the next month, you have access to year 1 gymnastics unit 1.  In this lesson, children are supported to explore and demonstrate shape in their work and use tension to improve their performance.

Year 5 Cricket

We introduce cricket in Year 3, based around the school games format, so children develop gameplay skill and the capacity to engage in competition.  Lesson 2 for Year 5 pupils focuses on catching and throwing for accuracy.  The purpose of developing this accuracy is to attempt to run batters out during a modified game.

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