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What is assessment for learning in PE?

What is assessment for learning in PE (AFL) and how can you use it to support your pupils progress?  AFL is an assessment process used in all subject areas but lends itself very well to PE.  Assessment for learning is formative by nature and therefore involves specific processes to be truly effective. Features of formative […]

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How to teach a good PE lesson

Children running around with smiley happy faces does not make a PE lesson good.  I was told this while shadowing an observation of a primary colleague.  This statement is something I’ve reflected on many times. Teaching a good PE lesson is as refined as any subject,  but is not a mystery.  This blog will look […]

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Children in Gym Lesson


What makes a good teacher great?

Recently my friend ‘had Ofsted’, and the usual stress ensued at her school.  My friend is a good teacher, in fact, a great teacher, and her school know it.  Listening to her talk about the stresses and strains of the event I was left to question what makes a great teacher. I regularly speak with […]

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Physical Literacy in school

Physical Literacy is now common talk amongst teachers, both primary and secondary.  However, there are some mixed messages about what ‘physical literacy’ is and what it means in a school context. The IPLA defines physical literacy as; “the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities […]

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Looking back on my year as a school direct trainee

So, I survived the year (hurrah!).  I knew it would be tough, I expected it to wear me down, but with a job secured in my host school as a School Direct Trainee and a whole heap of positive memories from my first year ever working in a school, I can’t deny that it was […]

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Engaging boys in PE

It might seem unusual to be writing about engaging boys in PE when the focus tends to be on keeping girls involved.  But it has long been established that girls and boys learn differently (M. Gurian, 2002) and this applies to PE lessons as well. It can be extremely useful to have a few simple […]

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The 5 principles of game play in primary school PE

There are 5 key principles of game play when it comes to attacking and defending in games.  Some games such as football take this further with 5 principles each of both attacking and defending. By familiarising ourselves with the 5 basic principles of game play in PE we can teach with a deeper understanding and […]

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Change your PE Lessons in 4 Steps

The STEP framework in PE was developed to support teaching and learning. Using STEP is an easy to use approach to adapting, differentiating and extending PE and sports lesson. STEP has been highly promoted over the past 10 years including being used in PE teaching resources and CPD courses.  Children use STEP when leading others […]

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Children playing in a PE lesson


Keeping Play In PE

“We spend the first year of a child’s life teaching it to walk and talk and the rest of its life to shut up and sit down. There’s something wrong there.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson How we teach PE and School Sport This quote got me to thinking about how we teach PE and school […]

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