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Year 2 Send & Return Unit 1 Lesson 5

  1. Use correct grip to hold a tennis racquet
  2. Send, receive and stop a ball using a racquet along the ground
  3. Use self-feed to hit a ball to partner

Skill Development: Holding a racquet and self-feed
Activity: Tennis story, practise self-feed and rolling rally

Year 3 Tennis Lesson 4

  1. Move towards a ball to return (hand or racquet)
  2. Perform a forehand shot on a moving ball

Skill Development: Returning towards to return a moving ball

Activity: Moving into zones to return

Year 4 Tennis Lesson 5

  1. Use tennis skills to play in doubles games
  2. Work together to score points
  3. Work together to stop opposition scoring points

Skill Development: Working with a partner
Activity: Doubles games

Year 5 Tennis Lesson 2

  1. Identify the techniques used in a volley shot
  2. Be prepared and ready to return using a volley shot
  3. Describe the purpose of/when to use a volley shot

Skill Development: Volley Shots
Activity: Throw to volley and run to volley

Year 6 Tennis, Lesson 1

  1. Play doubles tennis to score points against opposition
  2. Defend points against opposition using teamwork skills to return balls over the court

Skill Development: Communicating with each other in doubles games
Activity: Assessment for Learning Task

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