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Reception Cooperate & Solve Problems Unit 1 Lesson 2

  1. Keep heart rate high and perform individual coordination skills
  2. Cooperate with a partner to move across defined areas

Activity: Coordination lines and cross the river

Year 3 OAA Lesson 5

  1. Identify what they need to do to complete a challenge
  2. Participate safely considering others
  3. Confidently work closely with others

Activity: Alphabet and bridge game, circle hoop and hands challenge

Year 1 Gymnastics Unit 1 Lesson 3

  1. Identify shapes that are thick, wide, curled, straight, piked and tucked.
  2. Copy and change shapes.
  3. Demonstrate four different shapes.

Skill Development: Muscle tension to hold shapes.

Activity: Showing and adapting shapes.

Year 5 Cricket Lesson 2

  1. Throwing a ball for accuracy
  2. Using the short throw to run players out
  3. Positioning to catch the ball for run out in a game scenario

Skill Development: Throwing for accuracy over short distances
Activity: Conditioned game throwing back to stumps for fielders to get points

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