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Reception Cooperate & Solve Problems Unit 1 Lesson 3

  1. Work for a sustained period to raise heart rate
  2. Replicate with some accuracy body shapes to represent numbers
  3. Work as a pair to demonstrate larger numbers

Activity: Number groups, number gym shapes

Year 1 Attack Defend Shoot Unit 2 Lesson 3

  1. Bounce the ball with some control to self.
  2. Begin to bounce a ball to a partner.
  3. Play 2-on-1 using bouncing skills to score.

Skill Development: Bouncing the ball to self

Activity: 2 v 1 bouncing into hoops

Year 2 Dance Unit 2 Lesson 2

  1. Follow a clock face to develop dance steps
  2. Work with rhythm
  3. Combine dance steps to create a movement pattern

Skill Development: Use a clock face to create dance moves

Activity: Exploring the clock face

Year 3 Handball Lesson 4

  1. Use defending positions to attempt to block the ball
  2. Force an error from your opponent

Skill Development: Intercepting

Activity: 5 v 4 small sided game

Year 4 Gymnastics Unit 1 Lesson 4

  1. Work in groups of 4 to compose a 6 element sequence
  2. Each member of the group select and plan a compositional component to change the sequence, e.g. levels, matching, speed

Skill Development: Developing four compositional ideas
Activity: Sequence working with compositional ideas

Year 5 Athletics Lesson 6

  1. Develop as a small group either a run, jump or throwing event
  2. Choose appropriate distance, equipment, time and space
  3. Teach event to another group

Skill Development: Teaching STEP principle
Activity: Event planning

Year 6 OAA Lesson 4

  1. Work collaboratively to complete a range of paired and group activities
  2. Work efficiently as part of a team to eliminate opposition
  3. Use correct rules

Activity: Timebomb, reef knot and partner work

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